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Inventory Visibility and Control

Efficient Hospital Store and Inventory Management

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Efficient Solutions: Software for
Store & Inventory Management 

Store Management

The Store module in TRIAS is designed to meet the supply demands of the internal customers from various service locations of the hospital, and ensure the supply demands are monitored and made available at the time of need.

Supplier Management

TRIAS enables efficient and seamless management of suppliers from "Purchase Order" to "Goods received Number", All Goods are efficiently barcoded and stored in specific locations - for easy retrieval. History of previous supply & pricing can be referenced. Suppliers can be black listed. 

Inventory Management

All Inventory across the the various locations in the hospital is tracked. Efficient management thru TRIAS ensures optimum stock, supply and reorder limits are maintained. Availability of  drugs and supplies are also managed proactively. 

EHR-Integrated Store & Inventory Software

The stores and Inventory modules in TRIAS execute the reliable flow of drugs and supplies to all departments in the hospital enabling Patient care and service satisfaction to Doctors and healthcare workers. It enables supplier connectively, stock tracking & procurement, drug rotation & expiry management, etc. This ensures patient safety, effective costing, operational excellence and compliance as per regulations from the government.


Key Features


TRIAS manages drug availability, storage, tracking, and utilization of medical supplies, equipment, and consumables for efficient hospital operations.

Supplier Returns

The Supplier returns process workflow enables to return sub-standard supplies and equipment back to the supplier as it does not meet the quality criteria. TRIAS enables black listing of suppliers if found to deliver sub-quality products.

Purchase Requisition

Enables purchasing drugs from a reliable and cost effective sources, negotiating for best price, track cost history from the past, supports contracts, etc.  

Material requisition Note

When a supplier send the supplies or equipment and the same delivered at the hospital stores, TRIAS will create a MRN. The MRN is linked to the quantity of each item, date, order number, supplier name and inventory location name, etc

Goods Received Note

it is important to know that all the goods ordered have been received in perfect condition & fit for use. GRN ensures that the supplies received are in good condition and the quality standards meet the as per the purchase order.

Forecasting Demand 

TRIAS backed with the Hospital historical data that includes patient treatment trends , Lab test , pharmacy orders, etc and other factors forecast future demand for drugs and supplies, ensuring appropriate stock levels and supports efficient  procurement.

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