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Empowering patients through seamless EHR pharmacy integration

Redefining Drug Dispensation and Inventory

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Efficient Solutions: Software for Pharmacy Management

Stock Mgmt/Alerts

Smart Alerts enable low-stock , expired/expiring drugs, reorder limits, etc. Enabling the Pharmacy to manage their stock efficiently and ensure availability of critical medical supplies in stock.

Patient Access

TRIAS Seamless Integrates the Pharmacy orders with Out-patient and In-patient services. So that the Orders are received and kept ready so the patient's wait time is significantly reduced.

Track Orders

History of Patient's orders are well managed to enable refills faster to the patients, using their biometric based registration. The Pharmacist at any point knows the status of dispensed and undispensed on TRIAS.

EHR-Integrated Pharmacy Software

TRIAS Pharmacy Module  is seamlessly connected to receive orders from all locations of the hospital. It is well equipped to manage the stock and also request for new drug and supplies to be stocked with Hospital stores. TRIAS ensures smart alerts and notifications to all needed to ensure availability of medicines for the patients. Role based access is enabled to specific section of the TRIAS pharmacy module to perform various roles in the pharmacy.

Key Features


Drugs & Supplies can be efficient dispensed from the pharmacy thru the integrated TRIAS system. Dispensed and undispensed status for each order is know to the pharmacist in real time


Many patients are on long term medication and return to the pharmacy to procure refills weekly or monthly. TRIAS system links the patient biometrics to the patient's past prescriptions and Pharmacist can view and dispense refills.


In-patient is liked to the pharmacy for regular supplies for the patient during admission. At the time of discharge Return of unused drugs and supplies is efficiently supported by TRIAS.

Transaction Histories

Dispense / Supply & Purchase history is provided by TRIAS Pharmacy to better Plan and manage the Pharmacy. It enables to understand and verify the drugs that are dispensed more thereby plan to procurement interval to reorder effectively. 

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