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Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in Diagnostic Imaging

Digital Transformation in Radiology for the Future

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Efficient Solutions:  Radiology at Ease


TRIAS interfacing with all Radiology equipment that has PACS interface option.  This enables higher throughput and maximum outcomes for both the patient and the doctor.

Easy Navigation

The Module enables the user to place orders, view reports and images,  all in just one screen. Making it intuitive , easy to learn and use for different type of staff in the hospital or clinic.

Access History 

All imaging data is securely store and links patient imaging history with clinical history and present illness, all these data is accessed at ease by the doctor or healthcare worker from any location of the hospital or clinic.

EHR - Radiology

TRIAS Radiology Module is well integrated with the EHR (Electronic Health Record).  The enhanced ability to guide a diagnostic interpretation with clinical information, beyond that provided image, can add significantly to the specificity of a radiologist's interpretation and thereby providing a relevant report/diagnosis for the patient.  TRIAS provides a simple yet a single-point interface with, orders, clinical workflows, with patient's clinical data with past data, PACS integration, etc

Key Features

Ease to Order

Radiology orders can be placed from different locations of the hospitals through TRIAS by doctors and other healthcare workers who have the authorization to place orders

EHR to Device Integration

All Radiology devices are linked to the EHR server, so all order and their status can be tacked. simple workflows  save time, and potentially reduce the incidence of errors from manual entry.

DICOM viewer 

Doctors can view all images from their treatment screen, thru the "DICOM Reader" this allows the doctor to do view from different orientation, make measurements, add notes, etc on the image itself.

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