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Inventory Checking

Inventory Visibility and Control

Purchase and Supplier management

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Efficient Solutions: Software for
Purchase Management 

Store Management

The Store module in TRIAS is designed to meet the supply demands of the internal customers from various service locations of the hospital, and ensure the supply demands are monitored and made available at the time of need.

Supplier Management

TRIAS enables efficient and seamless management of suppliers from "Purchase Order" to "Goods received Number", All Goods are efficiently barcoded and stored in specific locations - for easy retrieval. History of previous supply & pricing can be referenced. Suppliers can be black listed. 

Inventory Management

All Inventory across the the various locations in the hospital is tracked. Efficient management thru TRIAS ensures optimum stock, supply and reorder limits are maintained. Availability of  drugs and supplies are also managed proactively. 

EHR-Integrated Purchase Software

The purchase modules in TRIAS execute the reliable flow for suppliers management, stock negotiation and purchase to  supply relevant items  to all departments in the hospital enabling Patient care and service satisfaction to Doctors and healthcare workers. It enables supplier connectively, item addition  & procurement. The overall platform support cost management and controls

Key Features


Add new items and add controls on pricing, stock and supply

Purchase Orders

Enables purchasing drugs from a reliable and cost effective sources, negotiating for best price, track cost history from the past, supports contracts, etc.  


Create and manage suppliers. Tag suppliers based on past performance

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