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The Impact of EHRs in Inpatient Care

Transforming Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

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Revolutionizing Inpatient Care with Efficiency, Accuracy & Smooth Discharge.

Easy accessible design

Accessible lab software design enhances productivity and scientific outcomes by creating intuitive interfaces (ASTM, HL7, etc) and functionalities for direct Lab result output for the Doctor.

Rapid Onboarding

Quick and seamless integration of new users, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing productivity from the start. Enhancing fast front-desk execution and reducing patient wait time

Comprehensive Support

TRIAS support team is available for both online and in-person  for training and support. Ensuring a highly reliable and available  Electronic Health Records (EHR) for the Healthcare practitioners 

Managing the end to end of patient stay at the Ward

TRIAS makes the overall inpatient management easy and simple for all the staff involved to elevate the patient experience while they are in the Ward. From easy admission to drug adherence to drug purchase/returns and billing - the staff is able to focus on patient care rather than documentation and reconciliation

Key Features

Intake Forms

User friendly and client specific orms enable faster in-patient admission by smartly capturing past patient info by auto-populating the relevant  fields. Inpatient admission can be completed in less than 10 seconds.

Nurse Notes

Patient care observations can now be easily captured by the nurse, capturing which nurse and at what time a specific care of situation occurred. 

Input / Output 

TRIAS allows for tracking the intake (Blood, gases, IVF, etc and output (Urine, stool, blood loss etc) of the patient with all possible items. Provides an overall summary of all intakes and output

IP Drug adherence

Drug adherence refers to how well care follows the doctor's instructions for taking medication. This enables the nurse to provide the right dosage, at the right frequency, and for the prescribed duration.


Automated Summarization of the patient care and treatment details automatically in the discharge summary makes documentation easy for the doctor & nurse, so they focus on post discharge medication and care. Also reducing Patient wait time for discharge significantly.

Bed Ridden Care 

Monitoring a bed-ridden patient requires precise tasks and reminders to ensure related impact are reduced

Doctor Notes

Patient care instructions and medication are well captured and action based tasks allocated to other healthcare personnel and departments. Closure of care actions are tracked and reminded. Patient care is amplified. 

History (Maternity)

Accurate Patient care is knowing the previous diagnosis, past and current medication, especially maternity patients and others with comorbidities.  Past vists and the details are available to the doctor or healthcare worker based on their records access levels - so precision care is delivered always.


All patient registrations are linked to the biometrics of the patient.  All doctors and nurses can access the medical records of the patient by just scanning their finger print at various locations in the hospital and other clinics linked with the hospital. Faster access to records and the doctor can focus on care and talking to the patient.

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