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Emergency care made easy for patients  and doctors 

Elevating patient care in Emergency

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Efficient Solutions: Software for Emergency (ER) Management 


Speed to care for a patient coming on emergency is enabled by a fast and accurate registration process, that is linked to access past patient info, biometrics, past visit details, medical conditions, etc  


We enable speed, this is key to evaluate and allocate the treating zones for the patient based on ABCD (Airway, Breathing, Consciousness, Dehydration). The patient is moved to the zone quickly and care administered. 


All treatment related services or orders are on High priority at the ER zones, TRIAS communicates and highlights to all that  this patients orders and services need for immediately processing. Enabling accuracy and speed in communication across the hospital location of service, ensuring patient care

EHR-Integrated with Emergency Service

Emergency  care  in the TRIAS EHR (Electronic Health Record) manages the entire journey of patient Emergency care from the registration to zone allocation, communicating and delivering the care based services for the patient at speed. All notifications and requests are highlighted to show the urgency of delivering the care based services to the patient. TRIAS is Simple to use and customized specifically to meet the ER process in your Health facility based on each client facility's capability.  Ensuring Emergency care is specially taken care by TRIAS

Key Features

ER registration

Simple to use with auto patient data retrieval, so the emergency patient breezes through the registration process quickly and focused care can be delivered.

Death \ DAMA\ Referral 

TRIAS is customized to generate Country or Province / State specific and compliant documents for the patient and next of Kin.  Both in cases where  the treatment/care needs to the continued but at at different facility or end treatment to document cause of death.

Transfer to In Inpatient 

Transfer a patient at a click, this makes patients transfer quick and all related communications of the transfer is immediately set to the receiving inpatient  locations. Admission and bed allocations can be quickly done as part of the transfer.

Head Nurse Login

Role based access for all nurses and the "Head Nurse" get special privileges to place emergency medicine orders from the store, monitor the activities of all nurses and patients in all emergency zones of care.

Stores & Supplies

Emergency Medicines and supplies need to be available always at the Emergency point of care. Our smart work flows enables orders to be placed to the stores as the stocks depletes and notifications are sent in a timely manner ensure availability of supplies all the time


Patient's condition specific assessment on  arrival at emergency is a smartly and efficiently guided process with the help of special & specific initial assessment forms for  pediatrics, Trauma, etc. These were built with experts  ER Care professionals 

Biometrics & Barcode

All beds are barcoded and linked to the Patient's biometrics via the registration process. which in turn is linked to the patient records. Easy retrieval of the electronic records at anytime irrespective of the patients condition. This enables convivence to the patient care and enhanced quality of service.

Ordering To Stores

All Emergency Medicines and supplies can be ordered in a few clicks. New and pending orders can be seen on a single window. Store depletion notifications enable to nurse to know when to reorder supplies.

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