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Empowering hospitals through seamless EHR Finance integration

Manage the overall Financial Health of the Facility 

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Efficient Solutions: Software for
Finance Management 


Billing is the critical and important process that enables collection of Patient registrations, Doctors fee, Lab Fee, Inpatient discharge billing, etc. TRIAS ensure all transactions are tracked and accurately recorded with no access for edits to all cash transactions.

Credit/Debit Note

TRIAS enables the feature of credit/debit note making payments easy for patients and useful for future transactions. This feature reduces redundancy and circulates fund flow between locations and better cash flow managements.


Today Patients need the flexibility  to pay in all modes cash, online, Credit card, e-wallets, etc . TRIAS enables all kinds of transactions settlement at the end of each day, making the tracking and monitoring of various modes of cash flow for the Finance team and auditors.

EHR-Integrated Finance Software

TRIAS EHR financial module ensures all cash flow processes in the hospital are compliant with no room for mismanagement. All hospital related revenues,  internal expenditure can be monitored. MIS reports of  Monthly, Quarterly... identify functions or locations where financial expenses  are excess and identify week areas to strengthen. Thus enabling the key focus to mitigate risk and manage funds effectively for the smooth running of the Hospital.

Key Features


Hospitals use many version and forms of invoices according to the needs of each patient care location, like registration, lab, pharmacy, inpatient billing, etc.  TRIAS will customize the invoices to meet the local tax guidelines and  capturing the details as needed by the Hospital 


TRIAS supports various types of payments from traditional cash to new online modes of payment. TRIAS can be customized to integrate existing customers payment gateway or we can integrate the TRIAS payment gateway. All payments are accurately tracked and mode wise settlements done, with detailed consolidation reports  

E - Wallet

TRIAS E-Wallet feature in Finance enables patients to use the e-wallet to credit and debit from it. 

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