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Visualizaiton of key metric for better decision making 

Leveraging the Power of Data

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Efficient Solutions: Unique and precise data visualisation


Leverage the data that is captured during the course of the patient interaction to design and build your own dashboards


Compare trends, add triggers, compare metric - date wise, location wise, staff wise and much more


Use the dashboard for board meeting, sharing with key stakeholders and setting daily/weekly notifications on metrics

Fully integrated and agile data visualisation for clinical and non clinical information 

Leverage the power if the data that is captures to provide a host of reports and dashboard real time that is accessible within the EHR. A perfect way to consolidate and manage performance, research and population health metrics

Key Features


Create personalised graphs from a host of available templates. Just rag and drop metrics to preview and finalise


Consolidate a lists of graphs into dashboards that can be used for internal review and sharing with management 


Auto populate a list of registers for compliance and population health management purposes. E.g. birth registry, death registry, Lost to follow up for infectious deceases etc

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