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Maximizing Workflow and Precision with Lab Software

Optimizing Labs with Advanced Software Solutions

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Efficient Solutions: Software for Laboratory Management and Analysis

Easy Accessible Design

Accessible lab software design enhances productivity of technicians and reliable lab results to patients by creating intuitive interfaces and functionalities for reliability and accuracy of results from the lab analyzers.

Rapid Onboarding

Quick and seamless integration of new users or changing roles of lab technicians, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing productivity in managing lab software.

Comprehensive Support

TRIAS team will be on the ground to train all the Lab technicians and the Pathologists during the implementation of  TRIAS  LAB module and ensure that all possible analyzers are interfaced (ASTM, HL7, etc) with the Module for efficiency and eliminating manual errors

EHR-Integrated Lab Software

TRIAS Laboratory EHR (Electronic Health Record) is an integrated system that records and tracks lab services from sample collection to the test results reported to the Doctor/Nurse. It streamlines the flow of information, improves accuracy, and enhances collaboration among healthcare professionals. All Analyser are interfaced with the TRIAS Lab module.  Ultimately leading to better patient care and more efficient laboratory operations.

Key Features

Sample collection

Simple and easy sample collection screen enables blood and non-blood samples to be collected. If the sample has an issue then the same can be rejected and the reason specified for recollection for both OP & IP. All samples are barcoded for tracking and automation,  the analyzer results  are linked to the sample via the barcode. After collection the barcode is stuck to the sample tube or container


Patient samples are analyzed and imaged to identify the organism that's  causing the illness. TRIAS supports  the Microbiologist to report the finding and also document the various antibiotic susceptibility tests and choice the best antibiotic for the patient's sample, delivery accurate care.

Result entry 

TRIAS is completely interfaced and automated to retrieve the analyzer output for each sample and deliver the test data for the technician to view the results on a  single screen and generate reports for the doctor and patients.


All tests that need to capture the ions, enzymes, sugars, lipids and proteins in the blood are formulated and tabulated in TRIAS. Biochemistry result outputs are color coded so we can technician can visually identify which of the analytes are out of range.

Result Validation

The Pathologist or technicians can verify and validate the various lab test results. For automated tests and analyzers that are well calibrated TRIAS has the bulk validation  feature that eliminates redundancy. 

LAB Master

TRIAS enables the Lab test and the analytes to be organized and maintained using the Lab Master. This has Role based access restrictions, enabling only authorized personnel to update the Lab tests, the analyte groups, the result ranges, set various levels of ranges.


Ease of Documentation is enabled for the Doctors , post examination of tissues under a microscope. TRIAS enables a simple way to connect the findings or observations and relate the same to a condition or disease for the patient.

Track consumables

TRIAS monitors the consumption of lab consumables like test tubes, reagents, etc. It enables smart notifications and reminders to facilitate the tracking of consumables and enabling the reorder of the same.


Labs need to generate weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to measure the Lab's performance and analyze the data for disease spread, seasonal variations, etc. TRIAS is equipped with a customizable and robust MIS that can generate reports with graphs and trends.  

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